documents to help you on your property journey


A property valuation isĀ an assessment of your property’s value, based on the location, condition and multiple other factors. Your valuation will be carried out in person by a professional surveyor who will take notes and photographs, and then send you a valuation report.


Agents will charge a commission for their services, which is a percentage of the final agreed sale price. It is wholly dependent on the price of the property for sale so costs can really vary. This fee typically covers: a realistic property valuation based on local market research, trends and past sales data.


Whether you are a tenant looking to move into rented accommodation or a landlord looking to protect your investment, a property inventory is a vital document to have. While most landlords will be aware of its importance, many tenants have a laissez-faire attitude towards them. This is a mistake, and one that can prove costly later on.