Identifying and Acquiring Land


Oversee construction process


Project Manage


Specialise in an area


Create Dreams


Identifying Buyers and Sellers


Oversee purchase to conclusion


Expert Local Knowledge


Connecting opportunities to potential


Sell Dreams


maximize success by working together

Relationships, relationships, relationships

Estate agents and developers have a common goal – to sell and shift units as quickly as possible at a good profit margin. “Developers need agents to boost their revenue, and agents need to shift units to earn a commission; it is, therefore, a mutually beneficial relationship. Developers and estate agents need to work together as a team.”

Be open to feedback

Be open to suggestions from your local area specialist – especially in the pre-build stage

Select an agent that represents you best.

Remember that your estate agent is the public face of your development. “Choose wisely and make sure your estate agent aligns with your goals and objectives. Spend some time getting to know who your area experts are. Consider their track record, their knowledge of the area, and their network.”

Leave the selling to the experts.

Estate agents understand property law, the sales game, and how buyers think – do not get involved in the sales process if you do not have the right expertise. “This could both risk the sale and damage relationships. Estate agents have the skills to highlight the property’s best features and qualities and, in turn, fetch the highest prices.”

Expand your network

“Estate agents and developers are talking to the same audience – property buyers and investors. A solid relationship with an estate agent will open doors to additional buyers and a greater database of property investors.”

Transparency is critical, and good communication is vital

“Discuss and agree to fees and commission percentages upfront. Ensure transparency from the get-go, so there are no surprises along the way.”